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There are many countries in the world in which football has become a national sport.





This game was not so popular in previous days, but now you are going to find the young generation, or at least most of it, being crazy about it. Various football teams are present in the world having different fans. Some teams are more popular than the others are.



Among the various popular football clubs, there is the Manchester United FC. The huge number of fans of various teams can be witnessed by the fact that when games are being played, huge roars are echoed in favor of the teams. Manchester United is a football club that has earned fans not only from the British states but also from all over the world.





One way that supporters and fans use to support their fan club is by wearing their shirts. Manchester United home shirts have become very common these days.

The origination of this team can be dated back to 1878. However, the popularity that it gained came soon after 1902 after which it was known as Manchester United and it was after that, that the fan club started getting more and more fans and the concept of Manchester United home shirts grew.





Now this football teams is considered among the most successful ones around.

It is interesting to note that the players of Manchester United are all the best players around. However the club has gone through a number of changes throughout the years of success and development.



Their jerseys have been brought to lots of changes from time to time. Now, we see the Manchester United home shirts different from those available in those days.

The players of the club wore red apparels previously contrasted with white shorts and black socks.





The Manchester United home shirts have faced slight changes in color and design since then. Later white jerseys were introduced with V-shaped collars. Talking about the current Manchester United home jerseys, the present design is a red jersey with a white collar. This is contrasted with white shorts and the socks are of black color.





However, this is the design of the home jerseys. When the team plays away their jerseys have a different look. The shirt has patches of red and black on the sleeves. The shorts are black and the socks are white. A new type was introduced among the Manchester United shirts, which has a combination of blue and black.





However, this change was brought for the year 2008. For all the fans who wish to avail of the apparels and that too the original ones, they can always purchase them from the official site. A large number of football fans exist who are ready to wear their football team apparels and represent them along with cheers and roars supporting their team.



It is because of all this popularity that the Manchester United home shirts are sold in a large amount in every season.

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